The Truth In Art Podcast explores the art of being human. Hosts of the show, Connor and Antoni, delve into various topics in an attempt to tie the mundane and the daily activities of our lives with something bigger than us.

The underlying energies that guide each one of us can be complex to navigate, how can we reconnect to spirit? Tune in to the podcast and explore with us as we converse about the spiritual nature of our lives. 

Let us learn again that love is all there is. 


The Hosts 

The dynamic duo, the cosmic couple; Connor and Antoni. They started this journey in early 2019, with an intention to transmit a message of earth peace and love. Since then they have been driven to help people visualize a world without fear and all that follow it. They wish to reconnect them selves and everyone they can touch with their voice and love to spirit, the essential ingredient to a fulfilling and loving life. They hope that with the podcast, and their nature of being, they can open people to the possibility of something bigger than, the infinite creation within ones self.

They are highly motivated by the opportunity to speak and write about the nature of our existence. They are seekers of the greatest truth, they love to share and receive wisdom and the experiences of others. They believe this is an important way for all of us to reconnect to spirit, a gateway to the infinite dimensions that are held within. After all there is a very thin barrier created by our own psychology that separate us, almost always broken by a smile and a “hello”.

They believe it to be their mission and duty to raise the consciousness of all those they touch into a more loving realm. They hope that those who hear such a message will take it apon themselves to do the same and usher in a new era for humanity, an era free from fear bringing us back to a natural state of grace and love.

Love is all there is