How Do You Live In The World?

This is a question I heard whilst listening to one of the many lectures given by Dr. Jordan Peterson. Since hearing the question it never struck me as being a question I needed to answer, as before I would of just thought well you just do… right?

But as I continued to think about it more and more I had a realization that this is probably the question I needed to answer the most. How does one live in this world? Are there certain parameters set out by a higher collective in which we use to ascertain our success of living? Or are those parameters set out by ourselves? Or one of the many other ways one could phrase and analyze this question.

On further thought its not a question that needs answered but rather a question that needs reflection. The question already implies that you should be living in this world, and that to degree we are allowed, but it may imply that we have been given permission and we then have to chose how we go about doing that.

Antoni and I have had discussion on the podcast about how certain things might affect the way you think and act and ways we like to deal with them, but the nature of the question lies closely with the purpose of your being.

We often talk about purpose and the importance of knowing what ones purpose is. It is vital to know why you are doing something before truly pursuing that thing, because it may be that at a critical moment you think to your self “what am I doing?” and then things begin to fall apart. This is were purpose becomes really important.

We often found ourselves last year asking why we were doing certain things, for a period of time both Antoni and I worked in the cyber security industry, which resulted in the publication of an academic textbook on the GDPR, or its full name the General Data Protection Regulation. If by some weird reason you would be interested in checking that out it is for sale on amazon titled: GDPR and Cyber Security for Business Information Systems, but I figure the kind of people listening to the podcast are probably not.

I digress, the issue we were having with our delve into the world of cyber security was that we didn’t really understand our purpose being there or its purpose in our lives (other than writing the book of course, which created something tangible). Even though we met some really interesting and dynamic people along the way we kinda knew all along that it wasn’t really our true calling, and it felt like a distraction most of the time because things were getting harder to progress as we were talking to some big companies and nothing was really coming out of the work we had done prior.

Full Circle

And this brings us full circle to the question “how do you live in the world?”, I think a big part of living is the journey and not the destination we are often times so caught up in were we are going that we don’t stop to look at the beauty there is all around us. In the example I gave above I was so obsessed with doing the next big thing, getting that big investment into a company that dealt with blockchain and food security (which I will be honest is still something that interests us greatly), that I didn’t stop to think why am I actually doing this because I have never really been a person that is driven by money (of course I would like to live and not have to worry about the ability to feed our children).

The truth that I came to was that living in this world is surrender, surrender to what you do not know. The things we do not know stand above that which we do and ultimately all things are left to the hands of God, and the big cosmic joke is that you are God (if not God in its entirety certainly an aspect of). So what does that mean for us? To be God and to leave things to God, its comes back to ownership of action, or in other words responsibility. To take responsibility of action is to find purpose in life, taking responsibility of maintaining all that is good, beautiful, and true.

We as humans have the ability, as individuals and as a collective, to tilt the balance of power through our actions. We hold a precarious position on the axis between order and chaos and every decision you make can shift that balance. Which is why Antoni and I discuss the importance of purpose and the meaning given to us through our desire to be responsible for the outcome of humanity as a whole. So next time your think about doing something that your true nature knows to be wrong, in just, or corrupt think about the overall outcome that decision will have on the way humanity will progress, you have the power to sway the balance.

My final piece of advice to all the readers out there is do not fear, fear is simply a lack of faith. You have enormous potential all that you must do is to trust your self to do the that which is good, beautiful, and true and that comes from faith, have faith in us have faith in yourself, peace be with you.

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