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Truth In Art hosts, Connor and Antoni, explore the numerous paths of creative expression that help us find true meaning in our lives. Drawing from seemingly unconnected topics such as emotion in food and cyber security, the weekly discussions focus on making sense of your own life, relationships, and the world.

Our Series

Bellow you will find a brief description of our shows and what to expect. More shows will be added in the future. In the mean time check out some of the things we already got going on, much love and peace be with you!

Truth In Art

Our main podcast is the weekly digest of meaningful discussion on the everyday, and how artistic expression and creative pursuits can help us feel more connected with our experience. Come and listen on Itunes, Youtube, and soon on Sticher too

For Beginners By Beginners

The Truth In Art "how to" series explores a variety of areas from a beginners perspective (that would be us, everyone's gotta start somewhere right?). Come and learn things with us as we explore topics from feng shui to self publishing


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How Do You Live In The World?

This is a question I heard whilst listening to one of the many lectures given by Dr. Jordan Peterson. Since hearing the question it never struck me as being a question I needed to answer, as before I would of just thought well you just do… right? But as I […]