Board & Committee Members wanted

We will be taking applications for board and committee members in the near future (June 2011). If you are interested, please email with your area of interest.

Art vs. Technology
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Authentication and Attribution by Collaboration

"Reputations and fortunes hang in the balance"1. when the attribution and authentication of art is required or challenged. In this high profile cottage industry, chasms exist between art and technology, institution insiders and those on the outside.


South Florida is uniquely positioned to bridge that gap and host an Americas Center for Truth in Art (ACTA), an independent, objective committee of conservationist, technologists, historians, connoisseurs and curators.


Our Mission

ACTA plans on establishing a state-of-the-art authentication laboratory, examining works of art from around the world. ACTA will produce reliable and scientifically defensible art authentications via real-time access to credible and secured comparative data within an environment free from risks of personal disgrace or commercial influence.  ACTA will thrive in our community by leveraging higher education, capital resources and a robust art ecosystem.

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